Do Americans really want smaller government? Pollster Andrew Kohut recently made that observation in a larger analysis of public attitudes about the Republican Party, but I'm suspicious. I think the numbers reflect a cynicism about politics, and partisanship, but not a desire for fewer government programs and services. Kohut notes that five years ago the percent of Americans preferring "smaller government and fewer services" was about the same as those preferring "bigger government and more services," 45% for the former and 43% for the latter....

March 25, 2013

Christine Beisel, editor of The Bigger Hammer, has created an entertaining new trailer for the film. This new reel includes more of the commentators who are featured in the movie, including Obama media chief Jim Margolis, senior Democratic advisor Penny Lee, and American University professor Steven Taylor.  Click on The Bigger Hammer logo at the top of this page to see the new trailer. 

March 22, 2013

Libertarianism is an attractive philosophy for a lot of people, particularly younger voters.  There's so much cynicism about government that an approach which uniformly demands less of it seems smart. Libertarians also promise to remove many of the annoying restrictions that touch our everyday lives. They would repeal laws that prevent us from making personal choices on issues from gambling to drugs to sexual behavior. But like other philosophies that seem attractive in theory, many of the tenets of modern Libertarianism don't transfer well from...

March 21, 2013

"He was warm, funny, self-deprecating — all the things that as a candidate he was not." That's how Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson described Mitt Romney's speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee conference this week. It's the sort of line spoken about almost every failed presidential candidate right after they lose. Usually, we hear that description of the candidate's concession speech on election night. The loser is gracious, funny, and relaxed; everything the talking heads wanted him to be during the campaign. It's...

March 20, 2013